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Abay Iron and Metal Works, LLC is a locally owned and operated company that provide quality iron and metal works. We pride our selves on the satisfaction and quality work we give to our customers. Custom requests are always welcome. Please contact us today for your next fencing project.

Our Service include:

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PHONE: 240-706-0209
EMAIL: info@abayironworks.com
LOCATION: 2414 Douglas St. NE. #104 Washington DC, 20018

Quality Products

Abay Ironworks specializes in iron gates, window bars, stairs, secure doors, balconies, gazebos and other custom iron works.


We have vast experience in perimeter fencing around residential houses, play grounds, pools, arenas, or any other location where keeping a secure and enclosed location is needed.

Contact Us

We come to your work site in person, take measurements and install product once done.

Phone: 240-706-0209
Email: info@abayironworks.com
Location: 2414 Douglas St. NE. #104 Washington DC, 20018